Pllek Live Stage focuses on acts that like to cross borders. Artists that like to mix up energetic western and non-western music, whilst also exploring contemporary electronic influences. We welcome original, feisty live performances with an international, worldly charm, that like to get people dancing. Do you want to play on our stage? Please, contact us!

TT Neveritaweg 59
Amsterdam Noord
T +31(0)20 2900 020


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Pllek is a cultural hang-out and restaurant on the banks of the IJ in the North of Amsterdam. Home to Amsterdam’s biggest outdoor terrace, Pllek prides itself on the city’s best view on the skyline of Amsterdam.

Pllek Live Stage is their brand new concept, next to the restaurant with the same breathtaking view. An island vibe right in the middle of town that allows you to truly feel at ease and that invites you to open up.


Mon - Thu: 09:30 - 01:00
Fri & Sat: 09:30 - 03:00
Sun: 09:30 - 01:00

The kitchen is daily opened 'till 22.00
09.30 - 12.00 Breakfast
12.00 - 15.30 Lunch
15.30 - 22.00 Snacks
18.00 - 22.00 Diner

For more information about Pllek, like menu's, pictures and the cultural program, please check out

* PLLEK LIVE STAGE is open every first Thursday of the month from 20.00 - 01.00


You’ll find Pllek (Live Stage) at NDSM in the North of Amsterdam. Just take a free ferry from behind Central Station to NDSM. From there on it’s a 5 minute walk to Pllek (Live Stage).

The last ferry from NDSM to Central Station on Thursday leaves at 00:00. The Buiksloterweg ferry (opposite CS) runs all through the night. It is only a ten minute bike ride from NDSM to Buiksloterweg.

There is enough parking space on the NDSM wharf, costs are € 1.30 p/h. For more information about the ferry, please check out